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Britain is full of innovative and exceptional business leaders, driving enterprise forward in one of the world’s most consistently successful countries. However, when it comes to diversity in the boardroom it is anything other than consistently successful. Senior female executive coaching is proving to really be the game changer.

As it stands, women make up just 25% of those senior executives and there still exists a really rather apparent gender pay gap. However, this is not to say that many of the UK’s biggest, best and most prosperous companies do not indeed have females firmly at the helm.

Whilst the prospects for women in business are gradually improving, especially with the recent announcement that larger employers will have to publish the amount awarded to men and women in bonuses as part of proposed legislation to reduce the gender pay gap. There is, however, undoubtedly still some way to go. The new target for senior female executive representation in the boardroom has been set at 33% – but how long this goal will take to achieve is anyone’s guess – Senior female executive coaching will undeniably contribute to bringing this aim about a lot faster.

This article will look at and celebrate three of the most inspiring senior female executives and leaders in the country who are dramatically proving the stereotype of an all-male boardroom to be very wrong. It too aims to push other talented senior female professionals to consider, identify and focus on their individual strengths, develop self-confidence and ultimately build the platform for transformational change through senior female executive coaching programmes like that that Aziz Corporate offer.

Women ARE Creating Big Business

Firstly, let us look at marketing and female executive the award-winning marketer Becky Brock, 35. Currently, Snow and Rock’s marketing director, marketing clearly runs deep in Becky, having broken marketing ground when she was at the Whiskey distiller Edrington Group. There she worked on the Marketing and Sales across their portfolio of brands; firstly as the Global marketing manager for The Macallan single malt whisky and then as the company’s Area Director for Canada.

At Edrington, she too was the businesses’ only female senior manager. Back in 2011 Becky won Marketing Society’s Young Marketer of the Year Award for her work at Homebase on the brand’s TV advert that featured the instant makeover of Carlisle railway station.

Clearly then, as Brock has proven, creativity on a senior level is not just reserved for men as many may believe looking at statistics today. Although it remains a male-dominated area, this is changing.

For example, the 3% Conference is raising awareness for the lack of female creative directors which was only 3% in 2012 – hence the name – which has already climbed to 11% today. Becky Brock here is the perfect example of how women can, and clearly do, break through this stereotypical glass ceiling. Senior female executive coaching really can be the difference between soaring and plateauing.

Secondly, we have Nicola Combe, 29. Nicola is currently a product manager for British Gas Connected Homes and leads the design and development team for Hive Active Heating, a British Gas innovation. Nicola played an integral role in the 2013 launch and design of their ‘Smart Thermostat’ technology. On the back of this product, Hive gained the RNIB’s first ‘App Accreditation’ for accessibility. Furthermore, in 2014, she was shortlisted for the IET Young Woman Engineer Awards which she narrowly missed out on.

Nicola is clearly defying the ‘Mengineering’ myth. In 2014 only a meagre 4.4% of those registered for employment in the engineering sector were women. In a heavily male-dominated environment, on all levels, Nicola is demonstrating that women can succeed as senior female executives and indeed succeed exceptionally well.

Finally, let us take a look at Martha Lane Fox, 42. Martha truly is an inspiration. Not only does she sit on the board for four huge companies, (Channel 4,, Marks & Spencer, digital skills charity Go ON UK), but she also chairs the board of the latter. She also became the House of Lords youngest female member, when she joined in 2013 as a crossbencher. The following year she was appointed as Chancellor of The Open University – and this is all before we even delve into what she has accomplished in her chosen career!

Currently, Martha is the founder and executive chair of DotEveryone is the first public value-creating organisation dedicated to “Making Britain brilliant in the networked age”. Back in 2000, just at the peak of the UK dot com boom, Martha co-founded with Brent Hoberman who she met when she was working at the strategy consultancy Spectrum. Only five years later the pair sold the company for a whopping £577 million.

After releasing the helm of Martha didn’t – as most would – take a break, instead she set up a Japanese-style karaoke company called Lucky Voice and invested her own money into its establishment.

This venture has blossomed into a huge success with seven bars across the UK, an online application, and an additional product to be used with computers being sold. In the past few years, Martha has become a digital champion, working with the government to spread knowledge of digital and tech, and campaigning for women’s equality in business and the technology industry.

Martha is a huge role model for all women in business. Being an entrepreneur, like 29% of the ‘Top 35 businesswomen in Britain today’, as published by the Telegraph, she demonstrates perfectly how a lack of diversity in big businesses, once Executive Director or board level is reached, can be detrimental as they, in all likelihood, will end up missing out on inspirational and influential business leaders.

Senior Female Executive Coaching: Regaining those Missed Opportunities

Aziz Corporate is fully aware of this gender imbalance and the resultant missed opportunities. Aziz offers senior female executive coaching if you need to develop a successful and authentic leadership style, get your voice heard, build the alliances you need or even to just work smarter.

Our team of executive coaches has a wealth of experience in coaching senior women. Through a tailored coaching programme, we can provide the support you need to achieve your goals and set the balance right. To discuss further please get in touch.