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It’s hard to add to the superlatives that have been offered in celebration of the life of Sir Terry Wogan. I met him a couple of times when I was a relative youngster at the BBC. He was always charming and supportive with a geniality that transcended his “star” status.

As a broadcaster he left us all in awe of his obvious connection with the audience. It’s already been noted that he talked to his millions of listeners as individuals inasmuch as they each felt individually touched. This is a rare gift but there are communication techniques to make such connection among the leadership repertoire we coach to our clients. Chief among these is to use the word “you” in the singular trying to avoid the phrases which turn the word into a plural such as “all of you”, “some of you”, “everyone” etc.

Note how Sir Terry signed off his final morning show: “Thank you for being my friend” – “friend” not “friends”.

We may not see his like again, but we can learn from his legacy.