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Our strategic Influencing and Personal Impact (SIPI) programme, developed in partnership with Vodafone over 3 years ago, continues to be an integral part of Vodafone’s investment in their leaders and emerging talent.

The success of the UK roll out has generated much interest from a number of their Operating Companies and the SIPI programme has now been delivered in the Ghana, Romania and The Netherlands.

We have delivered the Vodafone programme to groups that have included a mix of nationalities, from as far afield as Italy, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Egypt, Turkey, Czech Republic, China, Germany, Spain and New Zealand.


With such a high proportion of expats making up the senior team, Martyn Moutinho, Learning & Development Manager for Vodafone in Ghana faced a challenge:

“We needed to engage our leaders and give them every bit of support possible to help challenge, stretch and grow their thoughts and behaviour”

Having heard the great feedback from the UK programmes, he decided to work with Aziz Corporate for a number of reasons:

“The content of their programmes were exactly what we were looking for – communication skills, style and influencing are key in our business”

“The practical elements of these programmes are very attractive as most people know the theory but rarely put it in to practice”

Understanding the Cultural Differences

For all overseas assignments it’s important for us to adapt to the culture of our host, and this was particularly relevant to Ghana. Using the experience and knowledge within our own team and that of our partner, we sought to adapt our behaviour, process and materials to suit the Ghanian way. For example, we introduced localised examples wherever possible, used the local languages to foster rapport and even wore the traditional “Friday Cloth” on our last day.

The Aziz Programme

Having selected 80 leaders and senior managers to attend the training, the activity was divided into 2 phases that spanned 35 coaching days in total and involved 3 different consultants travelling out to Ghana.

The senior leaders, including the CEO of Ghana and his direct reports attended the SIPI programme, whilst the senior managers attended a “Communicating with Confidence” programme designed for high potentials and upcoming leaders.

Strategic Influencing and Personal Impact (SIPI)

A 2 days programme designed to give senior and rising leaders the ability to influence at the most senior levels and to communicate with impact.

Communicating with Confidence (CWC)

A 2 day interactive programme designed to build and develop participants’ confidence and ability to communicate in small and large group environments

Martyn wanted to achieve the following from these programmes:

“A stronger leadership team who lead from the front in their communication and behaviour”

“Individuals who were more aware of their own personal style and how best to adjust to others for the benefit of both the business and individuals”


In the detailed evaluation of the programmes, participants indicated that the training was a worthwhile investment in their career development and will go a long way to add value to their job performance. 97% of delegates reported they were VERY SATISFIED overall with the training.

Martyn Moutinho, Learning & Development Manager for Vodafone:

“I have worked with quite a few unique, well credited and highly thought of organisations in the Leadership and People Development field and I can confidently say Aziz Corporate is one of the best from start to finish especially in terms of their consistency”

Delegates’ Comments:

“It was worth every moment, I will recommend it to everyone I know”

“This course will change my approach to work”

“An excellent course, one to be recommended to all managers wishing to improve their performance”

“The training provided tools to help me deal with conflict and stressful situations”