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Lord Stuart Rose was CEO and Chairman of Marks & Spencer and has had a glittering career in the retail industry.



1972 – Management Trainee, Marks & Spencer

1994 – Chief Executive, Burton Group

1997 – Chief Executive, Argos

2000 – Chief Executive, Arcadia Group

2004 – Chief Executive, Marks & Spencer

2008 – Joint Chairman & Chief Executive, Marks & Spencer

2008 – Knighted

2008 – Chairman, Business in the Community





Even such esteemed leaders as Lord Stuart Rose were fearful of making presentations and media appearances when they started out:

“I well remember the real fear that I felt when I had to make presentations early in my career. I knew what to say but not how to say it.”

How many invitations to present have you turned down because you think you’re too busy – but in reality it’s because you son’t feel confident about your speaking skills?

The Aziz programme

Khalid Aziz worked with Lord Stuart Rose using The Aziz Methodology which focuses on both the mechanics of good communication as well as the psychological elements that underpin confidence and impact

Lord Stuart believes his two public speaking disasters could have been avoided if he had worked with Aziz before undertaking them:

“The first was caused by poor content and preparation, the second by a combination of good content and over-confidence. If we realised early on that, as Aziz points out, the ability to open one’s mouth and talk does not automatically make one a brilliant speaker”


By working with The Aziz Corporation you will move up a level in oratory, polishing your performances and achieving confidence, clarity and impact.

“Personal experience of Khalid Aziz’s technique has proved to me that you can achieve a very acceptable standard in a lot less than 6 weeks.”

A typical programme of 1:1 coaching usually begins with a “Communications Diagnostic” – to identify communication gaps, benchmark performance and allow us to make recommendations for a tailored programme of impact coaching that focuses on the specific areas of development that will result in the biggest improvement.

We focus on the visual and verbal elements of communication, with specific modules such as Content & Structure, Voice Development, Presence & Impact, Image, Creativity, Story telling, Influencing and Media Handling. Each module is delivered by one of our specialist tutors, a team that includes voice coaches, business psychologists, image consultants and professional actors. By working alongside the client we help to build confidence and remove the “fear factor” that affects so many business leaders.

“I would never claim to be an expert speaker, but what Aziz did for me was to take the fear out of public speaking, and, secondly, train me by defining the basic rules of preparation”