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Colemans CTTS is one of the UK’s top 500 legal practices with offices in Surrey, Manchester and Hertfordshire. The company’s areas of expertise include personal injury, clinical negligence and employment rights.

The Challenge

To enhance their national profile Colemans sought media training for heads of department to:

  • Develop close working relationships with specialist journalists
  • Prepare themselves and their clients for potential media interest
  • Sell in upcoming stories with their clients’ consent
  • Improve the profile of the company through the media
  • Become the legal commentator of choice for journalists, where appropriate

Aziz Programme

The Heads of Clinical Negligence (Kathryn Turner) and Serious Personal Injuries (Claire Roantree) attended a half-day media training workshop with our lead consultant. Both lawyers were passionate about their subject areas and wanted to use past successes to drive new clients to Colemans. During the session they identified new and exciting stories based on their past and present case load.

As well as learning how to achieve the point listed above, Kat and Claire also learnt to improve their personal presentation styles with the media including a greater clarity on their messages, greater focus on the audiences of different publications/programmes. Through effective bridging skills they learnt how to avoid being drawn into difficult areas and became adept at simplifying complex legal areas.


Following the session Kat and Claire spoke to their teams to identify upcoming stories. Within weeks both enjoyed substantial media interest. In Kat’s case she developed a working relationship with a Times journalist so that, following the outcome of a controversial inquest, the journalist wrote a well-researched background article.

Claire and her team dealt competently with journalists’ interest in a serious personal injury case resulting from a corporate team-building day.

Claire Roantree, Partner and Head of the Serious Personal Injury Department commented:

“It was a very intensive and hands on training with a knowledgeable and challenging coach.”

Kathryn Turner, Leader of the Clinical Negligence team commented:

“Excellent course in a supportive environment, providing constructive advice to help me develop”