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” A Picture’s worth a thousand words”. It’s an old, old saying and clearly true! Now recent advances in neuroscience show us why this works. In putting a complex idea on paper in diagrammatic or pictorial form we liberate a space in the neofrontal cortex which had been holding the complexities of the idea, to do more analysis. So in drawing something we are literally clearing space for more thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Imagine trying to tell me about your home, describing the whole thing in words. How much easier to draw a quick layout of rooms and then say “this” and “here” and point at it.

The Art of Coaching came about because Sarah and I realised that we both do lots of sketching and diagram making with our coaching clients and the groups we facilitate. We have 27 years coaching between us and about 80 years of people development! And we noticed very early on that people sketch things in the air with their hands, make maps by moving objects on a desk and, yes grab a pencil and draw.

When we discussed this way of developing people’s ideas and thought processes, we were eager to share it and encourage everyone to liberate their brain space with a pen and paper! The book shares some of the many models and diagrams we have used with clients over the years and shows you how you use this with your people to release potential and innovation.

You don’t have to be an artist to make diagrams and I certainly wouldn’t want any of my scribbles published (I’m a bit embarrassed when my clients take my scrawls away with them as they often do!) so we were lucky to work with artist Josie Vallely who made our outlines clear and appealing. Thank you Josie.

Have a look, have a go. The Art of Coaching available to pre-order now from Routledge.