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Senior Executive Coaching Background

Aziz Corporate was asked to complete a Senior Executive Coaching assignment with a senior executive working for a leadership organisation in the Telecomms sector. Within a very short time frame this individual had been twice promoted to a very senior marketing role – with enormous responsibility fuelled by an environment of 24/7 Blackberry global communication, shifting strategies, “fire-ready-aim” behaviours and a political landscape unknown to him.

The Challenge

The client found himself needing to lead a rapidly growing team within an exceptionally fast paced and challenging environment. Senior Executive Coaching was offered as a means of helping him upskill and cope with the demands and pressures of his role.

The underlying challenge was the need to adapt at speed. In particular the client was looking for coping strategies for the immense workload caused by the regular undisciplined shifts in commitments leading to recalibrations of marketing commitments and priorities.

The Approach

Following a chemistry meet, Debbie Rynda was appointed as the Executive Coach. The initial tri-party meeting established the core objectives for the coaching – from both an organisational and personal perspective.

Work to your strengths

A two prong approach was adopted in the coaching – Debbie helped the delegate look for what was working and encourage a repeat of those leadership behaviours so that pattern became “routine”. Debbie also explored leadership skills and tools that the client was unconsciously being or using to enable him to add them to his accessible tool kit of behaviours.

The delegate brought immediate issues to the sessions – often connected to the need to improve relationships with other leaders and the Executive Coach would bring leadership modules, such as Emotional Intelligence to grow awareness of the delegate’s own strengths.


Early results were a heightened awareness of the delegates own motivations, courage in his convictions and a positive approach to all issues. This increased his confidence resulting in him being less self-critical.

“by deconstructing positive and negative experiences, in the majority of cases, the right considerations and actions were made”

“I’ve learnt to be less critical and try not to take on the burdens for the whole team”

He successfully experimented with holding other’s to their commitments, challenging the status quo and letting go of saying “yes” too often.

“I am now more comfortable saying no and delegating”

His leadership style shifted from pleasing everyone to leading for the benefit of all. His is now more in tune with his won and his teams’ emotions.

This change saw a more courageous individual speaking up with strong recommendations to his senior team, where in the past he would have been accommodating. The result was delivery if their largest marketing campaign ever with significant bottom line impact. Many of his marketing strategies for the region are now being adopted globally.

Perhaps the most significant result is the way the delegate now feels prepared to lead his team and the company through an upcoming acquisition which will undoubtedly bring monumental change.

“After 6 coaching sessions my performance had measurably improved leading to a promotion and increased responsibility. A confidence boosting journey, completely designed around me”