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At first sight “Sizzling in the Boardroom” doesn’t sound so great. But it depends what you mean by sizzle. Even though boards are if you like the highest committee in the business it doesn’t mean that they don’t need the same kind of communications input. People will still buy sizzle and arguably it’s the sizzle that makes all the difference because at board level it’s given that the facts will be well researched and trustworthy (woe betide anyone who tries to submit a board paper where the facts are just plain wrong). So what to do when communicating at board level?

Firstly: Get to the point quickly and do not waffle. Often the point is about money. A board is there to allocate resources. Be upfront about what you are looking for in case and resource.

Second: Be committed. Make your points with passion. They need to believe you believe.

Thirdly: When you have said what it is you want to say, shut up. Don’t be tempted to go on. Let your well thought through words sink in. If they want to know more they’ll ask.

Written by Khalid Aziz, Chairman, The Aziz Corporation