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Social media is a vital tool for individuals and organisations building their brands. The power of YouTube is often forgotten when developing a social media strategy. If you are not using it, you should be and if you are, here are 10 key tips from our video experts Simon Banks and Helen Glanville.

Don’t we all want greater visibility for our brand, our company and our website? Don’t we all want to show our corporate personality to the world?
YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and the third largest website. People are viewing not just for entertainment but to find out information in video form – to see for themselves.
While your website may have cost you a fortune, it is your (free!) YouTube channel that may leave the lasting impression. People look before they read and are five times more likely to remember what they see.
To make the most of this burgeoning medium we need to ensure our YouTube channels maximise viewer engagement, reflect our brand identity and create a new channel of communication with present and future customers. We hope these tips will help:

1.Know your audience
At The Aziz Corporation , we are always going on about knowing your audience and this is especially true on YouTube. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience you want to reach – what would you watch? If you are a company that makes a product, what does a potential customer gain by watching a video? They might not need to know all about where your office is located, but they should know exactly what your product will do for them. Research is important: watch the other videos your customers watch and see which work and which don’t.

2.Show what you sell.
Videos allow you to demonstrate what your products and services actually achieve. Let potential customers see for themselves. Also let your satisfied customers be filmed speaking about their experiences. Video testimonials are one of your most powerful marketing tools – and actually hearing and seeing your customers enthuse about what you do makes compelling viewing – video conveys emotion.

3.Videos allow you to sell your personality
People buy from people. In a YouTube video let your personality shine through. The most potent videos are where you are talking not about the nuts and bolts of your product or services but about why you feel what you do matters. Viewers will engage with your passion.

4.Customer/product support.
Product support is an essential part of good customer service. A video can demonstrate how that service or product can be used, or by using video, the company can answer any frequently asked questions with a friendly and familiar face.

5.Know your style
The way your video is produced – the style – will also say a lot about your company. Think about the image you want to convey to your audience. Is your business flamboyant or is it restrained? Do you want a friendly, relaxed feel to the video or a more formal, corporate one?

6. Expand your customer base
By being canny on the keywords you use, your video may be seen all over the world or wherever you want it to be seen. Who knows, it may even go viral!

7. Put it on your home page
Your YouTube video is a great way of attracting attention – but go further. Put Google Analytics on the video and you can find out who’s watched it, for how long and how many times. You can even find out what country they watched it in, their age brackets, their gender… even if they watched on a computer or a mobile device. Think what you can do with that knowledge when it comes to target marketing.

8. Give out tips
Do your potential customers a favour with videoed tips of the trade. In time they be grateful and want to buy from you.

9. Less is more
A video has to be short and to the point. Research shows the majority of people watch for less than 3 minutes.

10. Boost your SEO
Google likes YouTube! Videos linked to your website will help boost your SEO helping that costly old website!