Financial Presentations

Financial Presentations

We cover new or anticipated promotions, quarterly or half yearly results announcements, informal investor and analyst meetings, financial presentations around disposals, fund raising, IPOs and acquisition announcements.

Finance professionals come to us for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are newly promoted often their only formal coaching in presentation skills was as rising stars early on in their accountancy career. Now they have to excel at board level against charismatic chief executives and challenging non-executive directors. Sometimes they will have been advised that they need more “gravitas”, which can mean several things, but it often boils down to inner confidence outwardly expressed.

We help finance professionals establish gravitas and credibility so they can shine at the top table.

Financial Presentations – more than just the numbers

Our tailored approach starts with a diagnostic session to establish where clients are in terms of presentation ability and identify where they could be. We then design a bespoke series of interventions aimed at achieving the highest possible outcomes; this usually takes place over 3-6 months..

The whole process is aimed at building confidence and establishing an easy-to-follow methodology that becomes second nature to the speaker. This results in stress free, efficient preparation followed by a confident, action-orientated presentation.

We help with:

Financial result presentations

We can help a chief financial officer align into the overall results announcement. This can also incorporate investor and analysts presentations – preparation and rehearsal – creating a script that can be delivered as freshly the fiftieth time as the first time.

Presentations around disposals

We can enhance the perception of a management team leading to improved bids for an up-for-sale business. A key area is ensuring that the management team “sing off the same hymn sheet” and are perceived to be effective when they come out from under the wing of their existing owners.

Fund raising

Venture capital private equity businesses often struggle when they have to turn periodically from “buyers” to  “sellers” as they go out into the market to raise new funds. We help them adjust and promote their existing success and future plans. For businesses seeking to expand, we help management teams tell a credible story about their journey to date, speak clearly about their aims and ambitions and give confidence to potential investors.

IPOs and acquisition

Again, story telling is critical to bringing the numbers to life. For an initial public offering this means weaving a positive story that complies with the City code and keeps brokers and lawyers happy while maximising interest. For new acquisitions it is all about telling versions of the same story to satisfy investors, customers, staff and in some cases the media.

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