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Board Presentation Coaching for Executives

Our Board Presentation Coaching will help you with your Board Presentations. Presenting to a board is often daunting. Established board members are invariably highly intelligent, quick witted and have often “seen it all before”. For a newly appointed board member, there are obvious challenges to board presentations.

Chief among these is the perception that you are under the spotlight. In most cases you are and not everyone will be necessarily wishing you well. You need to rise above this, but how?  We give you the confidence to speak to your colleagues as an equal. Moreover, we will help you establish yourself with confidence so that you approach your board presentations with eager anticipation rather than dread.

Board Presentation Coaching. Don’t Bore in the Boardroom

Boards are no different to other audiences. You need to engage their interest, inspire confidence and trust, stimulate positive debate, get their buy-in and ultimately get them to take the action you want.

We usually start with a diagnostic session to assess your skill level, identify potential and devise a tailored, efficient programme to get you where you need to be. We will build your confidence and give you skills that will stick for the rest of your career.

Engagement all starts with understanding where your board colleagues are coming from.  There may be varying views on the subject on which you are presenting. To get engagement you need to acknowledge those views, attempt to draw them together and offer a cogent way forward.

Inspiring confidence and trust comes mainly from the way in which you deliver your facts. You have to be believable and you need to appear that you believe too.

Stimulating positive debate is essential. Few board members will be content with just sitting there and absorbing your words of wisdom.  They will want to test your ideas and assumptions.  You need to welcome this and be ready for it. The success or failure of your presentation will hang on how you answer those tricky questions.

Getting buy-in and action is what board presentations are all about – positive action in your favour. To achieve this, at the outset you have to have a clear idea of what you want from your colleagues. Usually this involves money and/or resources. If so, be clear from the very start so no one is in any doubt. We can help you organise your content so that you achieve what you want by including that all important “Call to Action”.

Give us a call now on 0845 1844194 for a free no-obligation diagnostics call with one of our Board Presentation Coaches or drop us an email and we can call you back when convenient.

Board Presentation Coaching Client Testimonials

“Four months into my board role and I had received some pretty damning feedback about my presentations from the NEDs. Thanks for helping me put this right. I have my confidence back and one NED even complimented me on my last board presentation!”  CFO, FTSE 250 engineering business

“We’ve seen a real change in all our board presentations thanks to the work of your team. Presentations are shorter and board meetings positively livelier as a result.”  HR Director, newly privatised business.

“Thanks for the help you gave  D****. His poor board performance would have been a real game-changer for him.  Thankfully that’s all behind us now”.  CEO, Aim listed business.

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