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Presentation Skills For Senior Executives

Getting information across in a simple, persuasive fashion is increasingly challenging in today’s business environment. Senior executives not only have to be believed but also trusted. Poor presentation can undermine confidence in both the facts being presented and in those doing the presentation. The majority of our clients may already be regarded adequate or even good  presenters but they come to us to raise their game.

We offer support for:

Quarterly or half yearly results announcements, informal investor and analyst meetings, presentations around disposals, IPOs and acquisition announcements

Preparing and presenting papers, making board interventions, persuading NEDs, chairmanship skills

Addressing “Town Hall” meetings, preparing and delivering conference speeches, informal internal public  speaking – retirement speeches,  team briefing and “prayers” meeting, handling questions and answers, after dinner speaking

The process starts with a diagnostic session to assess current skill levels, identify capability and analyse what interventions are needed to unlock potential to help the individual be the best they can. At the end of the diagnostic session we a programme of sessions with specialist Aziz consults orchestrated by the lead consultant who conducted the diagnostic. This unique approach guarantees excellence.

We remove the stress that often surrounds presentations by offering a simple approach that is not only easy to follow but also  efficient.  Following our methodology you will quickly be able to prepare a 10 minute presentation in just half an hour.

How we can help

Make An Impact

We assess your natural ability to make a room “light up” when you enter and offer simple techniques to enhance this.  Often individuals come to us with alleged issues surrounding their “gravitas”.  Gravitas is hard for many to define; often it is all about perceptions. We help change perceptions and after an Aziz programme individual sponsors report marked improvements in gravitas.

Engage Your Audience

We help get your key messages across by ensuring that audiences immediately “tune in” to a speaker.

We use a number of techniques ranging from psychological support to help a speaker flex their style to storytelling to bring alive a subject. An engaged audience is a happy audience and a happy audience is more inclined to buy what you are selling.

Make your Financial Presentations more Persuasive

It can be difficult to write compelling financial presentations. For those in business whose primary focus is not “the numbers”, eyes can glaze over when the FD gets up to speak.

We show you how to persuade an audience through identifying ”hot” buttons and helping  a speaker press those buttons effectively. We help generate “killer facts” that will make an audience sit up and listen; key information which will get your audiences’ attention because they will ultimately benefit.

Create Action

A presentation is useless if the audience simply nods compliantly but then goes away and does nothing.  We establish early in the process the need to define your outcomes. With no end result in mind, a presentation is doomed to fail. We help speakers establish clear outcomes which leaves an audience in no doubt about what the “call to action” is.

Our team of coaches have a wealth of experience in coaching senior leaders in presentation skills. Through a tailored programme of coaching, we can provide the support you need to:

  • Make an impact
  • Develop gravitas
  • Get your message heard
  • Influence others
  • Achieve credibility
  • Handle difficult audiences.

Give us a call now on 0845 1844194 for a free no obligation diagnostics call with one of our Presentation Skills Coaches or drop us an email and we can call you back when convenient.

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