Crisis Media Handling Skills

It is a newspaper’s duty to print the news and raise hell.
Wilbur F. Storey, American editor, 1818-1884


How you respond to the media in the heat of a crisis can make or break reputations. In our crisis media training sessions we turn up the pressure with realistic simulated scenarios devised specifically for your organisation. Storylines develop during the day so clients can see how comments made under pressure can impact unfolding events.
Simulated crisis media sessions are now being used as part of the executive recruitment selection process in about 10% of senior public facing roles. We prepare the scenarios for organisations and deliver recorded interviews to exacting standards to allow for a fair and rigorous selection process. Where we are not involved in the selection process, we also prepare candidates for these types of interviews.

How crisis media handling will help you

  • Understand the needs of the media as a crisis unfolds
  • How to feed the news machine without jeopardising your crisis management
  • Clarity of message to restore confidence
  • Experience of hands on press, radio and TV interviews
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills


Over four years we worked with a leading UK regulator to train a network of spokespeople.

Sometimes they needed to communicate potentially life-saving information through the mainstream media, while on other occasions, they had to face challenging questions with little notice.
In the Middle East, we trained executives from a national oil and gas company to prepare for a range of possible crisis scenarios for a worldwide media audience.

Prepared clients in the hours and days before major TV interviews such as Watchdog and Panorama

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