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Media Training

Our Media Training helps our clients prepare to deal with the media. It is entirely bespoke and designed to reflect your scenarios.

Crisis media handling is not easy and it’s not intuitive. It needs to be learnt and practised in a safe but challenging environment with realistic scenarios. With BBC and investigative journalist backgrounds, our Media Training Team pride themselves on their detailed research which ensures the question areas are appropriate and testing.

We offer state-of-the-art radio and TV studios, or we can bring a mobile studio to you. We also offer short video production and on-line video magazine expertise, particularly useful for when you need to communication to a global workforce.

Our media offerings include:


Media Training for Leaders and Executives

The media is a vital part of getting your message across. Newspapers, radio and television – and now social media are all mechanisms by which we can communicate to the outside world. It’s important to know how to communicate in a clear and concise way in order to be successfully understood by your chosen audience.

Our media training courses provide the participant with the media skills they require to enable them to present their corporate story succinctly and consistently. It also helps you to react quickly and effectively to the intense demands of the media.


Crisis Media Handling Skills

How would you cope with camera crews camped on your doorstep asking for comments on an unfolding crisis within your organisation? That first media response, when you are under the most imaginable pressure, is critical and can affect the long-term reputation of your company.

We can help with tailor-made crisis training tailored to your needs and the particular situations your company could face – whether it is hostile and cynical media, disgruntled clients or unhappy staff. We create realistic simulated crisis scenarios to test the media responses of the senior management teams under pressure and can organise different challenges according to specifications e.g. doorsteps, radio, TV, TV by remote studio, press conferences.


Video Production

By using The Aziz Corporation you can be reassured that we not only produce top quality videos that work effectively to promote the business, reinforce specific messages clearly and convey a corporate image that is entirely consistent with your other output.
Scripts are written by in-house journalists adept at communicating accurately, concisely and in a manner that is focused at the target audience.


Video Magazines & Podcasts

Podcasts and video magazines are a great tool for communicating regularly with geographically diverse audiences / employees / clients. We are able to help you script your message, deliver it professionally to camera, along with the technical expertise required in the form of a cameraman, the camera and recording equipment and the editing facilities.


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