Leadership Communications for Executives

Leadership Communications

High impact skills based Leadership Communications Programmes for individuals or workshops for small groups. Most of our clients are already experienced speakers and successful leaders but need to “step up a gear”. Often they have been promoted on the basis of their technical abilities but have now risen through the ranks and face the challenges of having to network and influence both within their organisation and externally.

Typical themes in our Leadership Communications Programme include:-

  • Build personal impact and presence
  • Define leadership brand
  • Persuade and influence stakeholders
  • Polish communication skills
  • Rehearse for a set piece presentation
  • Handle difficult audiences and challenging conversations
  • Foster team collaboration and individual relationships

Presentation Skills For Senior Executives

Tailored coaching input to build the confidence and skills required to engage, inspire and influence your audience – whether in a large auditorium with autocue or around a Board table. Suitable for those presenting to clients, potential investors, shareholders or internally. Learn how to structure your message and deliver it with impact to different audiences.


Media Training

Media training to help you get the attention of and handle the media more successfully, and crisis media training and…


Influencing Personal Impact & Presence

Grow your versatility to gain support from others for your goals, without resorting to positional power or force. Help you strengthen your impact in situations that matter and promote clarity and confidence on your intent. Design your leadership reputation through conscious choice and explore how to build impact with those where rapport is non-existent / weak / negative.


Challenging Conversations

The true test of leadership is how you behave – what you say and do in different circumstances. Throughout history people have talked to each other face-to-face helping to build trust and relationships as well as collaborating to get things done. Our courageous conversations programme takes communication back to its roots, giving you the tools to have quality conversations to overcome barriers and enhance confidence by discussing what is difficult yet critical.


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