Module Overview


Help accelerate your managers’ career paths by giving them the core skills required to be successful leaders.

The programme has been designed to offer total flexibility. Each of the eight modules comprises a one day workshop that can be delivered individually to complement your existing internal training or as a comprehensive suite completed over time.

Grounded in established theory, with the option of a pre-programme strengths assessment and follow-on coaching, these practical workshops are delivered by our team of trusted, highly experienced and credible Consultants.

The workshops require no prior knowledge and are designed to be stand-alone.

The Leader

This one day workshop is designed to help delegates explore the transition from management to leadership; to become more future focused, purposeful, skilled and confident in developing their own leadership style. The format is engaging and varied and draws on established leadership models as well as facilitating individual discovery using small group coaching and learning sets.

The Influencer

This workshop is designed to help delegates understand the power of influence at work and to optimise the key behaviours that influence including relationship building, personal impact, crafting compelling communication and using purposeful questioning and listening. The format is engaging, varied and develops practical techniques to build rapport.

The Equaliser

This one day workshop is designed to help delegates to deal with pressure and challenging or emotionally charged situations in a healthy and productive way. The format is engaging and varied and draws on recent findings in neuroscience and positive psychology. Delegates will leave feeling empowered to have those courageous conversations that previously would have been avoided.

Katie Botten

Katie Botten – Aziz Future Leader Consultant. Katie is our expert delivering The Leader, The Influencer and the Equaliser.

The Team Player

The success or failure at work rarely depends on individual effort and skills alone. Whilst working in a team can present challenges and frustrations, it can also bring great pleasure and excellent results. Building on individual strengths improves team dynamics promotes openness and trust, boosting both individual and collective output.

The Coach

Research confirms that coaching is increasingly viewed as a crucial tool in any organisation. It is successfully applied to a range of situations which include improving personal effectiveness, developing skills and competence and building leadership capability. Future leaders need to be able to use coaching skills with confidence to maximise the effectiveness of their team.

The Strong Performer

Research into companies worldwide indicates that the higher the focus and investment on identifying and developing strengths provides the greatest ROI for the organisation and the individual. These key measures are profitability, performance and satisfaction. This approach builds on individual resilience, so delegates are more resourceful and better placed to overcome challenges and manage with change.

Caroline Sullivan

Caroline Sullivan – Aziz Future Leader Consultant. Caroline is our specialist consultant for The Team Player, The Strong Performer and The Coach.                    

The Wordsmith

This one day programme will help delegates to improve their business writing skills. It offers practical techniques to create compelling and well-structured documents. Whether writing reports and executive summaries, sales bids and proposals or customer-centered letters or emails, ‘Effective Business Writing’ is all about providing the tools to write with impact.

Melissa Melly

Melissa Melly – Aziz Future Leader Consultant and expert in written communication delivers The Wordsmith Module.

The Communicator

Managers react in various ways when they learn they have to deliver a presentation? Some find it ties their stomach in knots but others look forward to it. But does the audience understand the content or remember the key points? How much will they remember in a month’s time? This one day workshop is highly interactive, with input sessions followed by practical exercises to accelerate visual, vocal and verbal skills as core competencies.

Helen Anderson

Helen Anderson – Aziz Future Leader Consultant and former BBC presenter delivers The Communicator.

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