Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an in-house programme?

Many of our clients send their managers on open programmes with large training institutes where they spend the day with delegates from other organisations. Their experiences and corporate culture can be so different from other delegates that they spend time discussing issues that are unlikely to occur within their workplace and this can be frustrating.

The benefit of engaging a consultant to deliver these modules in-house is that colleagues can be brought together and learning sets reflect their organisation’s behaviour and paradigms that make theory learnt relevant and useful. Furthermore, delegates are able to continue to adapt and discuss behavioural shifts with their colleagues in the workplace.

Our consultants are adept at relating grounded theory to a client’s context and, for an additional cost, they will also change the content to reflect any current challenges facing your managers.

Who is this programme targeted at?

Anyone identified as having the potential to be become a successful leader. These could be ‘accidental managers’ I.e. someone who has little or no management experience but has found themselves in a line management position due to their success in a previous role; or it may be an experienced manager with little formal training. Our clients also use this programme to prepare high achieving individuals for management positions, whilst rewarding their successes by investing in their career development.

Why do clients buy this programme?

These modules have been designed using the content that has supported our senior leaders for over 30 years and is delivered by the same experts that have many years of experience working for Aziz.

Grounded in research, the full programme practises the key behaviours necessary to prepare future leaders for typical work-place challenges. The modules offer flexibility to complement any in-house training and also support to ensure learned behaviours are practised in the work place. We can provide individual or group coaching before and after the delivery of these modules as well as line management or mentor support.

Where are these modules delivered?

Our consultants will come to a venue organised by you, whether that is a local hotel or an in-house training suite. We can also offer our training facilities located just north of Winchester, one hour from London.

How will it be delivered?

All modules are standalone and do not expect any prior knowledge, although there are suggestions for pre-work prior to each module. The modules can be delivered in any order. Many clients schedule two modules on consecutive days as this can help to create a mindset for learning as well as reduce travel if delegates are coming from further afield. We recommend between 8 and 12 delegates per module.




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