Delivery Models

These models are designed to be delivered ‘off-the-shelf’ and stand-alone; from £150 per delegate, per module they are particularly cost-effective. However, a psychometric assessment can be a useful tool before embarking on any training as it helps the delegate and assessor clarify what an individual’s strengths are and which areas would benefit from development. Additionally, some companies have asked our consultants to tailor one or more modules to reflect a specific challenge; or to offer group or individual coaching to follow up with managers after the programme has finished.

Optional Extras

Psychometric assessment e.g. Strengthscope

Assesses 24 characteristics and focuses in on an individual’s 7 key strengths. A useful reflective tool that can be referred back to throughout all 8 modules.

Psychometric 360 assessment e.g. Strengthscope

Strengthscope 360 takes feedback from colleagues and measures the delegates’ views about the characteristics and 7 key strengths compared to their co-raters.

Group feedback day following psychometric assessment

Useful prior to starting modules. Includes individual time for delegates to ask questions to understand their assessment.

Individual feedback day following psychometric assessment

Limited to 6 delegates. Individual time to understand personal strengths and where strengths in over-drive occur.

Tailored module(s)

Our consultants can create additional content to support your managers in addressing specific challenges or situations that your business is currently facing.

Delegate folders for an 8 module programme

A personalized folder containing a structured framework to support the complete programme with individual exercises to reinforce adapting behaviours.

Follow-up coaching sessions

Also available via Skype, coaching sessions to help to ensure that leadership behaviours are embedded into workplace routines. They also help to overcome obstacles that can prevent behaviours from changing.





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