Future Leaders

According to research conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 25% of your high potential employees intend to leave your company within the year. Often their dissatisfaction is based on a belief that they deserve to be treated better than their peers because they ‘put more in’. In fact, the statistics indicate they are likely to be 400% more productive than most of their colleagues, so perhaps they are justified in feeling that they should be looked after; however, only one third of high performers are supported with formal training programmes (HBR 2014).

With many organisations turning their attention to their talent pipeline, our Future Leaders’ programme has been designed to enable talented, ambitious people to fulfil their potential. From only £150 per module per delegate, this cost-effective programme is perfect for your less senior leaders. Our consultants have various projects and activities to ensure that learning is successfully transferred into the workplace; we recognise the importance of seeing an on-going return on your investment.

In a highly competitive and constantly changing international environment, this intensive, rigorous and challenging programme will provide the competitive advantage necessary to allow your business to go from strength to strength.

Developing leadership skills

Why choose Aziz Future Leaders?

For over 30 years, Aziz Corporate has enabled senior leaders to become more successful in their roles, gain promotion and overall make a significant positive impact towards their company’s success.

Drawing on their tried and tested expertise, the Aziz Future Leaders’ programme has been carefully designed to allow talented, ambitious people to fulfil their potential. These modules offer complete flexibility, either to supplement existing in-house training, or to be delivered as a complete management development programme.

We don’t apologise for the rigor and intensity of these modules. We love hearing about ‘eureka moments’ from our  delegates on this programme as well as how they have used some of the practical tips in their departments in between modules.

Once managers have progressed to work at a senior level, we have extensive experience of providing on-going leadership development via our network of experts, each working with Aziz because they are the best in their specialist area.

Delivery Models

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Module Overview

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