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Expert to Leader

Our expert to leader executive coaching specialises in working with senior finance professionals and other technical experts such as lawyers, accountants, investor relations professionals, academics and scientists who are moving into broader leadership roles.

Transitioning from being a technical expert to leader is a common scenario in many organisations. But leadership requires a different skill set and no longer can technical experts rely solely on their knowledge. Now they need to deliver through others, change their behaviours and be strategic while often moving away from their passion and the things that got them to where they are today.

Have you been given feedback that “you need to improve your impact or gravitas” or “you need to develop your leadership style”? Do you  need to think strategically about your personal impact, your ability to influence others and your communication style?

Our team of executive coaches have a wealth of experience in coaching experts wanting to succeed in senior leadership roles. Through a tailored coaching programme, we can provide the support you need.

Our Expert To Leader Coaching will help you to:

  • Enhance your impact or gravitas
  • Build the trust and respect of others
  • Develop self awareness, emotional intelligence
  • Become a more effective influencer and flex your style
  • Trust, empower and coach your team
  • Develop a successful leadership style

Continued Expert To Leader Coaching Support

Our coaching support can help prepare you for the step-up to a leadership role  and doesn’t necessarily end once your promotion is secured. We can continue to support you as you settle into your new role, strive to establish early credibility with your peers, build alliances and overcome the challenges that will come your way.

What makes our coaching so effective is that you get to chose the Coach you want to work with (from a small pool of some of the best qualified and experienced Coaches in the country) and have a coaching programme entirely tailored to you and your needs.

Give us a call now on 0845 1844194 for a free no obligation diagnostics call with one of our Expert To Leader Coaches or drop us an email and we can call you back when convenient.

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