Executive Team Coaching

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
~ Henry Ford


This is an age where partnerships, alliances and joint ventures are critical to success and so organisations must develop the collaborative working skills necessary to make this work. It is more than teamwork, with global matrix structures, it is being able to cooperate and work collaboratively across teams and organisations.

High Performing teams achieve greater levels of success because their members trust one another, share a strong sense of purpose and vision, and have confidence in their abilities and effectiveness.

Often individuals have had individual coaching for their own personal development but this isolation can sometimes encourage silo based working which impedes the sharing of best practice and collaboration.

We offer bespoke programme that seek to foster positive team dynamics, that build trust and rapport, that teach individuals how to work alongside each other more productively and to gain alignment on beliefs and purpose.

Our Executive Team Coaching will help you

  • Understand how to increase team collaboration
  • Learn how to collaboratively make team decisions
  • Learn how to avoid and resolve conflict
  • To be able to communicate effectively within the team and outside the team
  • Appreciate and understand how to work with diverse thinking and learning styles
  • Learn how to provide constructive feedback
  • Foster alliances across silos


A newly formed Board The Board of a leading global fmcg company who were keen to strengthen their working relationships and drive greater efficiencies through enhanced cohesiveness and collaboration. We worked with them over a 2 day programme the aim of which was to strengthen high performance team dynamics between the members, whilst equipping them with the tools to be more effective influencers.

The coaching involved helping them build understanding and trust between themselves, exploring how to construct communication to ensure greater receptivity to key messages and creating stronger consistency between intent and behaviour.

The HRD commented afterwards: “Since the programme I have seen the interaction and quality of our discussion improve significantly. It has really helped us to explore the priorities we had to address both individually and as a team”

The HR team of a major global defence organisation who had been through a number of organisational changes which most recently saw the appointment of a new HR Director. Appreciating that the team were not functioning as a motivated unit, we delivered a 1 day workshop that aimed to build understanding of individual preferences and an appreciation of how others perceived them.

To look at the current team dynamics and how far, or not, they have evolved as a team and finally to ‘champion the future’ by looking at how they can work more successfully together against common goals, beliefs and vision.

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