senior executive coaching

Executive Coaching

Senior level Executive Coaching that leaders can trust to provide effective personal coaching support. Our international cadre of coaches have been selected to offer the credibility and gravitas needed when coaching C-Suite executives. We have a track record of successfully coaching leaders and a broad business understanding and appreciation of specific business context.

We offer Executive Coaching that leaders can trust. You can choose from our cadre of internationally based coaches, who have been cherry picked for their expertise and authority when coaching at senior levels.

All our Executive Coaches, are accredited with one of the recognised coaching bodies, have held senior commercial roles before becoming a coach and have a track record of successfully coaching leaders.

Our Executive Coaching is flexible but does revolve around a robust framework. This framework typically includes chemistry meetings, a tri-party meeting, a coaching contract and an end of programme review. We also use 360 evaluation, stakeholder interviews and psychometric assessments if appropriate.

If you are looking to develop an authentic leadership style, step up into that bigger role or develop your personal resilience, our coaches can help you. We can help you achieve those goals, and leave a leadership legacy you can proud of.

Board Level Executive Coaching

At board level the number of people within the organisation to whom you can talk openly dramatically falls – the issues are often just too sensitive. Who can you talk to to help you reflect on key questions about future direction, the shape of your organisation, your leadership and how it translates into everyday action?


Transitional Leadership Coaching

People leading change have their own needs, but these often get lost in the complexities of supporting everyone else through the process. Leaders of change are more effective when they are able to pay attention to their own needs within the transition. Time to think through the implications of change for themselves, or think more creatively about how to deal with unforeseen difficulties, is often in short supply.


Executive Team Coaching

Improve team dynamics, promote openness and trust and improve levels of individual support and collective outputs.


Senior Female Executive Coaching

While women leaders do not have different development needs from men, they often do have different development contexts. Senior women are frequently in a minority and can feel very isolated. They often benefit less than male colleagues from informal mentors and feedback. There can often be very few, if any, role models and self-awareness sometimes becomes harder to tap into.


Maternity Coaching

Becoming a parent is life changing for most people. It can also be career changing – and not always for the better. Our maternity coaching programmes support new and expectant parents as they ask “what next?”, working with them to re-define their priorities and achieve their professional goals.


Expert to Leader

Transitioning from a technical Expert to a Leader is a common and comprehensive experience. This is true across a broad range of technical areas, including engineering, information technology, research and development, operations, finance and accounting, supply chain, law, and medicine. As they move into leadership roles, they need to move away from their ‘expert power’ and develop their positional and personal power which involves delivering through others, changing their behaviours and being more strategic.


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