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Helen is an EMCA Professional Certified Coach with more than 10 years’ experience in front line professional services, primarily within M&A.  Helen  began her coaching career with one of the Big Four, focusing on key populations including maternity leavers/returners, senior people leaders and new senior hires.
Clients say Helen’s greatest strength is her ability to challenge beliefs and remove internal resistance.  Her strong instinct means she knows when to offer support but also when to challenge her clients to succeed.

Commercial Experience

Before coaching, Helen enjoyed more than 10 years’ experience in financial services, focusing on large scale M&A transactions and corporate strategy engagements both in the UK and globally.  She also spent a year with the UK’s most prominent business lobbying group, The Confederation of British Industry (CBI),  during which time she working with CEOs and politicians at the highest levels to promote and protect the interests of British business.

Today, Helen continues to combine her passion for coaching with an active professional services role, enabling her to stay mindful to the current business environment when supporting her clients.

Breadth of Experience

Helen’s client list consists of senior executives and high potential individuals primarily within professional service firms, financial institutions and corporates.  Her recent cases have included:

  • Second time Mum holding a senior role within a large corporate struggling to balance work and family life and feeling a lack of professional fulfilment and direction
  • Father to be at a professional services firm wanting to “reset the rulebook” around how to get promotion whilst committing to be a hands on Dad at home
  • Senior woman in a top tier investment bank feeling undervalued and overlooked.  This client was questioning the nature of the remaining 5-10 years of her career and needed support to take ownership of her professional direction

Style / Approach

Helen supports and challenges her clients to achieve their potential in a caring but professional and business-focused way. She is naturally inclined to the positive in people and believes that the individual almost always knows the “answer” – with careful listening and questioning in a safe environment they will find it.  Helen is also a pragmatist at heart and believes the ability to challenge and occasionally offer suggestions makes the coaching more effective and the next steps more practical.

Specialist Areas

Helen portfolio of work and areas of interest include:

  • New Mums and Dads before, during and after maternity leave, helping them to determine their professional direction at this critical life stage
  • Senior executives and managers who are looking for support as they realise their full potential

Helen’s clients tend to be experiencing a period of change in their professional direction or focus, usually against the backdrop of a complex political setting. This is commonly coupled with a sense of doubt around their abilities. It follows that much of Helen’s coaching tends to be around supporting clients as they ask “what next”, working with them to define and achieve their professional goals.

Qualifications / Accreditations

  • Coach Practitioner (EQA) – undertaking with The Performance Coach
  • Accredited by EMCC
  • KPMG Advanced Coaching Course
  • 1st Class Degree in English, University of Leicester

Examples of Work

Regular media training for senior managers and department heads at the health regulator – The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA):
Need: To build a team of experts across all specialities proactive in promoting stories on public health. The difficulty facing the MHRA’s press team was a reluctance or even refusal by key managers to lay themselves open to media scrutiny.

Outcome: Senior managers within the agency gained confidence in their ability to deal with journalists and became skilled in presenting their messages to the media audience. Instead of looking for ways to avoid media encounters, they became keen to embrace the challenge but at the same time understand the preparation involved in an interview.
Media training for the senior management teams and leading academics at various UK universities:
Need: At a time when the universities face unprecedented media scrutiny, senior member need to be confident in their messages under pressure and ensure they are able to promote the benefits of their universities in a way that resonates with prospective students. Many academics were not used to the direct and simple messaging required for a media audience.

Outcome: Each group agreed with the set of messages to be prioritised across interviews and leant to speak appropriately to different media audiences. The performance element of their interviews was greatly improved during training.
PR strategy, media training, press release training and PR support of national UK charity:
Need: Despite obtaining many prestigious awards, the charity felt overlooked in the media but did not know how to kick-start the process of greater public recognition.
Outcome: After media training, and an agreeing a PR strategy, Helen worked with the team to formulate and issue press releases. Within days the interest “exceeded all expectations.”
As well as local newspaper coverage, the Chief Executive was on air for 25 minutes on local radio followed by a second interview the next day.
In the following months, the team has been interviewed on five different radio stations as well as for local TV with airtime totaling more than 50 minutes.
Clips from Helen’s video portfolio can be emailed on request.


“For me the biggest benefit has been a sea-change in the way our senior
managers approach the media. Instead of looking for ways to avoid media encounters, they are keen to embrace the challenge but at the same time understand the preparation involved in an interview. I now have a growing team of senior managers that I can trust to put out there.”
Stephen Hallworth, Head of Media Relation, The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency
“The Aziz Corporation brings professionalism, a highly regarded business approach and a human face to communication skills training which we are already finding invaluable.” Brendan Eley, Chief Executive, The Healing Foundation
“Probably the best training course I have ever been on,” Kat Turner, Lawyer, Colemans CTTS

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